Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Parents Visit!

Some of you might know already but our parents were over for a 2 week visit a little while ago.  It was great to see them since it had been around a year and a half since being back in Canada.  Its crazy how time flies but having internet and skype makes it seem like we are not that far away because we get to talk and video chat whenever we want.  I still remember when I was younger sitting in church and being excited that we were going to have a phone conversation over the pa system.  It was just so amazing to me that we could talk to our missionaries around the world!! But now with everything we have it is so easy to keep in contact with people back home and I know it has made my living in Ukraine that much easier.

Well for the first week our parents stayed in Krivoy going around with us to the different orphanages and helping in our program.  It was great to see kids that remembered mom and dad, and I know that they had a fun time visiting with all the kids. 

We then decided to do a few road trips in Curtis car (think 4 door Caviler) so not too big, but with Curtis at the wheel and dad up front that left Luba, mom and I in the back a little bit squishy on our 6 hours + trip down to the sea.  When we got there we went to a town called Alupka not too far away from Yalta in the Crimea, and found a hotel that had rooms that viewed the sea and also the mountains behind us.  It was beautiful weather the whole time we were there and we even did a little bit of swimming even though the water was cold.

It was amazing to see all the sights in Crimea and we had a great time just relaxing and spending time with the whole family.  As our time came to an end we took the overnight train up to Kiev and saw our parents off the next morning.  It was sad to see mom and dad go but hopefully within the next year we will be able to go back home for a visit!

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