Monday, August 1, 2011

Perfect Timing!

On the last day of our 2nd summer team, we were cleaning up our personal apartment and getting ready for a camping trip that we had been invited on.  With this being said about an hour before I was ready to leave my apartment, Shad Kayser came to me and said "there is water all over the floor in your bathroom" I thought that is not really funny since a month before that I had taken the drain hose for the washer out of the tub (where it drains into since we don't have a separate drain for the washing machine) and then decided to do a load of laundry!!  Then about 15-20 mins into the wash cycle I heard the washer draining and sat there watching a show on my comp and all of a sudden I remembered that the hose was not in the tub! I then ran out of the room into the bathroom to find water flowing out of the bathroom, down the hall and into our living room.  I have to admit I was a little frantic not knowing what to do and called Luba to tell her the bad news.  When she picked up the phone all she heard was me a little hysterical and she thought I had cut a finger off or worse, but then I calmed down and told her what happened and called Curtis to come and help me clean up the mess. 
There was so so so much water that it took a long time to get it all dried up but thankfully we did not have our neighbors coming up complaining that water was leaking down the walls!

Well back to the main story, it ended up that our hot water tank decided to expel all its water on the floor, so I then again started scooping water and Shad helped me figure out how to drain the tank.  Luba then called her brother who is a plummer and he came the next day to figure out if it could be fixed and found that there was a lot of rust in the tank and that the main heating coil exploded! and the electrical component inside was showing and was "shocked" that we had not got electrocuted.  He then installed 2 new heating elements that we were good to go!

We ended up not going on the camping trip due to the boiler leak and that Luba and Jana (a girl that works with us) ended up having to get documents so it all ended up working out and a week later we joined the rest of our team down on the sea for 10 days on the beach! (blog coming soon)

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  1. ahhh, the joys of home ownership! Our washer drains into a sink and we've had a few floods due to a cloth being left in the sink and the water not able to drain.....not fun at all! Glad you were able to join your team.