Sunday, February 27, 2011

God is Working!

This last while has been a busy time with Luba working full time and me at the orphanages in the evenings when Luba is done work! She is working so hard and I am so proud of her for the time and effort she puts into her teaching. Considering that she was not even planning on being a teacher (since her degree is in Financing).  But she was offered the job and jumped in with both feet.  There are days when we goes to work for a 7:30 class and isn't home until 4:30pm and then eats and is back preparing for the next day until at least midnight! I know that there are many people out there that work a lot but for Luba to Teach at the College and teach English in her spare time!! I mean WOW!! What an amazing wife I have.  But with that in mind it is sometimes hard because we are so busy but we still make time for each other and go on dates, hang out with friends and family!

For those of you who do not know our family over here let me introduce them to you!  Luba has her mom and one brother and he is married and has 4 kids (2 girls and 2 twin boys and another on the way). So to say the least their house is a little bit hectic but we love to go and visit and hang out with all the kids!
Nastya, Anya and Luba
Andre, Marina, Vitya, and Alosha

These last few months have also been very emotional as we have seen 7 kids that have been adopted to amazing christian families in American and 1 more that the family is coming to get him and take him back to America in the next few day!!!! We have grown up with these kids and even though it is sad to see them leave we know that God has a plan for them in their new family.  We have also been able to get to know the families and we can see that God has hand picked each family for these kids.  One cool thing about these adoption is that the kids who are being adopted are not very young, they are almost teens which is a rare thing for kids this old to be adopted.  After the age of 6 the chances that a family will adopt an older child plummets so a lot of kids start to lose hope that they will ever get to have a real family.  But over the last few months we have seen a lot more hope in the eyes of these kids and others that there might be a chance they will get a mama and papa!

Artur (soon to be an American), Rusya, Vika and Vika (who is in America)

Our team and 2 girls that just left for America

Saying goodbye!

Last of all I wanted to mention that our grad bible studies (kids who are in out of the orphanage) have been going really well.  Last week we had 20 kids show up plus our team.  We have these bible studies to be able to keep in touch of the kids who have left the orphanages and also for them to be able to hear the word of God.  For probably 1/2 of the kids that show up this is there only exposure to the gospel and the encouraging thing is that they keep coming back time an time again! In the last while there have been a few girls that have had babies so that is introducing a new aspect to your meeting.  We are then able to help where needed or just to be able to play with little cute babies and give the mothers a break! So please pray for these kids that come to our bible study that God will work in their lives and that they will hear the message each week they come.

Paulina and Marina

Eva, and I


  1. Adam,

    I love reading your "Two Nickels Don't Equal a Dime" posts! Thanks for taking the time out to do them and to keep everyone updated on your progress! Please tell me -- who are the children that are being adopted by Americans? I see the picture of Artur and know who he is, but I cannot tell who the two girls are. I am just dying to know who these children are! Praise The Lord to hear that good news!

    God bless you and Luba and your ministry in Ukraine. God is using you to make a difference in the orphaned children's lives and in His Kingdom!! :)

    In His Love,

    Tammy Reynolds

  2. Adam and Luba
    It is great to get updated on the things that are happening there. I always enjoy tracking with you guys on facebook and reading your blog.
    Thanks for all you do.

  3. Awesome Adam. Love the new pics. talk to you soon. wonderful to hear about all the grad kids coming on saturdays. God is really at work.
    Love mom