Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Fun Week!

As many of you by now know Curtis is back in Ukraine!! Our team met him at the train station at 6:15am to welcome him home. They really should make the train from Kiev come a bit later in the morning but we survived.  And as some of you might know it was a bit lonely during the days since we can't usually go to the orphanages until the afternoon without Curtis here to hang out with and eat all his Cheerios! So I was a good brother and bought him a brand new box and presented it to him at the train station, he didn't look too excited but when he got home and had no food at all I think that he appreciated it.


There has been a lot of things going on and one very special thing was a wedding of a girl named Larissa.  She graduated from Zarechney orphanage about 4 years ago and is now married to a good christian guy. The wedding was a lot of fun with wedding games, lots of food, and dancing.  I am just so proud to see what she has done with her life as she had some difficulties after her 1st year of school, but changed everything and now is totally living for God and always attends our grad meetings. I remember her from the first year that I went to Ukraine and it has been a pleasure to see her grow up into the women that she is now today.

We also celebrated Sveta's birthday, for those of you who do not know who Sveta she is a girl that graduated from Zarechney orphanage 3 years ago and now part time is helping in our ministry! She helps with crafts and also does bible stories for some of the little kids that we work with. It is great to have her as part of our team as she grew up in the orphanage and now is going back there teaching about God to the kids that she knows. We went out for dinner and then on the walk to McDonald's for ice cream we kinda had a snow fight and be the time it was done we were covered in snow and walked into McDonald's covered in snow!!

This last Saturday we were at Solnechney orphanage and approached one of the educators of an all boys group and asked if we could work with her boys every second week.  Her answer was "yes please that would be great because groups come to the orphanage but never come to our group".  So we were able to spend an hour playing games with the boys and when we asked them if they would want us to come to their group again they all said yes please! So please pray for us and this group, because working with the older boys has always been a struggle as they are not very interested in joining in with us when we come. Working with the boys groups has always been on my heart since the day God called me to move to Ukraine and I have sort of got side tracked because the younger kids and girls groups are always so inviting and open to our team coming that it is just easy not to go to the boys groups.  But seeing the fun the boys had this weekend really woke me up that we need to try extra hard to get in with the boys no matter what.

Today we had a great day spending time with the little kids at Zarechney orphanage and were able to give them Lego that was donated to us from Olga Maslo (Ukrainian missionary).  We also had been given some photo cards from the Bellamy's (Canadian missionaries in Dnepro) that are called "Smiles for Children". The kids really loved them and one art teacher wanted one because she really liked the drawing on the card and wanted it for the kids to practice painting!


  1. looks awesome. I will try and send more lego with the next team coming out. Take care and keep the updates coming.
    Love mom

  2. Thanks for the update, Adam and Luba. You and the kids you work with are always close to my heart. Blessings as you continue to be there to love and encourage these kids.

  3. I got some lego as well Adam... from Daryl Ayrchuk from the Baptist church.... he sent some last trip as well.
    Happy belated birthday to Svetta!! Blessings!