Sunday, December 12, 2010

How your donations have helped the kids!

    First of all I would like to start out by saying how grateful we are for all the donations that we have received to help this ministry grow over the years! Without generous donations we would not be able to help the kids in the orphanages like we do.  Also since the decline in the economy world wide I heard of a lot of ministries were losing donations or receiving smaller ones but thankfully with this ministry we only saw an increase of giving.  It seemed that every time I went to check our balance after I had withdrawn money from the bank machine there was more in the account then when I first withdrew the money!! Praise the Lord!!!! And now I would just like to share a few pictures of where it is your money goes.

    This first picture is of a boy named Yan and he is from #9 boarding school and over the last month we have been able to support the group that he is in by buying tool for woodworking and paint for these boys to use.  These boys are not the typical group because they look for ways to earn money to finance their art project.  They take on small cleaning jobs to earn money that they then buy stuff for their group!  It is just incredible the heart that this group of 15 boys have and their determination of their male educator to look after the boys and help them learn skills that will help them once they graduate.  We will be posting more pictures of their group in the near future.

It reads "Thank You for your help, from the bottom of our hearts. #9 Boarding School

    This groups of girls we helped buy material for them to make dresses and these girls are very talented as the dresses that you see them wearing we all handmade by them! The red dress was made in one evening and with the encouragement of their educator they have been able to put on small fashion shows.

    These are a few pairs of wrestling shoes that we have been able to buy kids that are training.  This last weekend we were able to attend a wrestling competition in our city where a lot of the kids that we knew were competing and they did very well.  There is even one girls from #9 boarding school that placed 1st is all of Europe for her weight class.

    These kids are just a few that we were asked to provide glasses for!  They are not that expensive to have the prescriptions filled and I know that a few Canadian team members have taken the opportunity while they were here to get new glasses.

    As winter is now upon us we thought it might be nice to replace the windows in our team apartment.  The city heat keeps the apartment warm but with holes in the window cold air likes to blow in.  So we now have a very nice warm apartment that actually now almost keeps in too much heat so the windows have to be vented to cool the place down.  But I would rather have it too warm then to cold.

    There are also many different kids that the ministry helps support in English, art and dance lessons.  And here is a picture of David holding up some of the art supplies that we were able to supply.  At each orphanage there are so many different kids that are very talented and we want to try to help them in any way we can to help further on their dreams.

    These last pictures are of different materials we have been able to provide the different orphanages this last year.

We helped another Canadian work team with funds to renovate some of the kids sleeping areas!

These bars on the windows were added to keep the kids safe at night!

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  1. It is so awesome what God is doing for all of them thru your work. God bless.