Sunday, October 31, 2010

Grad Bible Study Night!

Every 2 weeks we hold a bible study for kids that have left the orphanage.  Last night we had 11 kids out and talked about Jonah and how hard it can be sometimes to actually listen to what God is telling us to do.  We had a great discussion and after that we went around and talked about our highs and low for the last weeks.  It was really cool to hear how much the kids wanted to share about their lives.  We are so blessed to have this opportunity to be part of the kids lives and it is amazing to see how many of them are following God!!

Our Kids!

Luba and Ira 

Jana and Tanya

Shura and Sveta

Vika and

Ura, Dennis and Ira

Janna, Vika, Tolia, and Nina

Playing games

Vitally and Curtis

We also had Ura and Dennis join us (they had once lived in a handicapped orphanage outside of town and now Dennis is living in a group home and Ura is living on his own).  Dennis had been sent to another handicapped orphanage just our of Krivoy but through all your donations we are working with some local Ukrainians to keep Dennis out of that place because it is more like prison then a home for handicapped people.

Dennis and Ura (both had been from a handicapped orphanage)

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